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revolutionary brushes


200 years since its foundation, Jäneke group maintains its leading position in the haircare market thanks to the constant commitment to development.

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Small Superbrush in Lilac
Superbrush in Fuchsia
Superbrush in Fuchsia Sale price€19,00
Superbrush in Lilac
Superbrush in Lilac Sale price€19,00
Superbrush in Silver
Superbrush in Silver Sale price€47,00
Small Superbrush in Lime
 Janeke Brush with bristles and nylon reinforcement in Gold
Janeke Beech Wood Paddle HairbrushBeech rectangular hairbrush with wooden pins
Superbrush in White
Superbrush in White Sale price€19,00
Superbrush in Turquoise
Superbrush in Turquoise Sale price€19,00
Superbrush in Black
Superbrush in Black Sale price€19,00
Mini Superbrush in Black
Superbrush in Pink
Superbrush in Pink Sale price€19,00
Superbrush in GoldSuperbrush in Gold
Superbrush in Gold Sale price€63,00
Small Superbrush Fluo Pink
Small Superbrush in Black
Small Superbrush Lilac and Fuchsia
Janeke Brush with Bristles and Nylon Reinforcement
Air- cushioned brush with gold pins
Air-cushioned brush in Silver
Superbrush in Fluo Fuchsia
Superbrush in Black Carbon
Jäneke Comb in Gold Comb in Gold
Comb in Gold Sale price€35,00
Superbrush in Lime
Superbrush in Lime Sale price€19,00
Jäneke Heat-Resistant Brush in Silver
Air- cushioned handbag brush in silver
Air-cusioned hair brush in gold medium
Small brush with bristles and nylon reinforcement in Gold
Small brush with bristles and nylon reinforcement in Silver
Air- cusioned brush in Silver Medium
Jäneke Comb in Ivory
Comb in Ivory Sale price€8,00
Supercomb in Black
Supercomb in Black Sale price€7,00
Superbrush Fuchsia
Superbrush Fuchsia Sale price€19,00
Small Superbrush in Turquoise
Superbrush in Black & Tiffany
Small Superbrush in Pastel Pink
Air- cusioned hair brush in gold small
Thermal Round Brush Spiral GoldThermal Round Brush Spiral Gold

about jäneke

Brand vision

For over years, Jäneke Group has maintained its leadership in the haircare market through relentless innovation and technological advancement. They blend historic materials like antler, celluloid, and galalith with modern injected printed plastics, ensuring they meet contemporary market demands while honoring tradition.

jäneke products

Jäneke offers a range of acclaimed haircare tools celebrated for their craftsmanship and reliability. Here are some of their most popular items:

Jäneke Hair Brushes: Available in various styles, from paddle brushes for detangling to round brushes for styling, all crafted with high-quality bristles.

Jäneke Combs: Made from durable materials like celluloid, with variations including wide-tooth combs for gentle detangling and fine-tooth combs for precise styling.


Founded in Italy by Giovanni Jäneke, Jäneke Group remains a leader in the haircare market with its dedication to continuous development.

why peony loves janeke

At PEONY, we cherish Jäneke for its innovative haircare tools that effortlessly combine timeless elegance with practical modernity. Their diverse range ensures we can provide every customer with personalized styling options, all while maintaining an unmatched level of quality.