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created just for you

a new world of beauty

We are here to complement natural beauty with precise care, introducing you to high-quality premium beauty products and treatments.

Our approach aims for an experience beyond the usual.

Join our world and experience an ultimate approach to self-care.

meticulously presented

our values

natural beauty

We represent the natural approach to beauty. We aim to complement what is already perfect and flawless - authentic you.

simple and effective

We choose what we believe in. Our selection is based on what works and brings an unforgettable sensory experience.

exquisite service

In PEONY, we strive for perfection. With our fast customer care, we aim to provide the best service possible.

journey that we take together


By choosing transparency and client-focused approach, we invite you to our world of self-care never seen before.

In our salon and in our online store, you can be assured to find a perfect escape to take time for yourself and have a beautiful experience with every touch.

We work closely with premium brands that have a meaningful story, innovative formulations and that bring an unforgettable sensory delight to your beauty ritual.

where elegance meets simplicity

harmonious fusion

While creating PEONY, we paid attention to every small detail. With natural beauty as inspiration, the organic design captures the essence of the peony flower.

Our brands